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Upcoming Events:


Defibrillator training:

April 3th, Monday, 1-2pm.

Green Sleeve Presentation by The Hospice Society:

April 17th, Monday, 1-3pm. 

Ageing and Cognition:

May 4th, Thursday, 1-3pm. Tom Grant from Living By Design to present on these topics: 

Ageing and Cognition – how to minimize yours risk of cognitive decline, what are the signs and symptoms of decline, what can be done about it.

Home Safety – how to promote good balance and reduce your risk of falling, what measures can be taken at home to reduce fall risks.

Home modifications – adaptations that can be made at home to enable ageing-in-place, home adaptation grants.

Age-related tech – discover the frontier of technology designed specifically for older adults and how it could be beneficial in your life.

Introduction to Living By Design, a company that fills the gaps in public health provision, with an explanation between public and private service provision.

Tom will speak for 45 minutes and the remaining time for questions, discussions and an opportunity to test your balance on high tech scales.

Annual General Meeting:

April 27, Thursday, 1-3pm.

Next Executive Meeting:

Join our activity centre!​

We offer a wide range of activities at the Harmony Hall in Lower Gibsons. All seniors are welcome. Drop in any time and try your first activity for free!

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